We aspire to be a school where students gain a sense of accomplishment about being a good human and contributing as a good citizen it is possible when school provides a learning community where each is free to grow towards the realisation of highest human potential

Our values

Freedom to learn and grow
Pragati Provides a space where you are allowed experiment things to because it believes that individual learned by its own introspection Compaths understand the feeling of others.

Empathy The School will commit to practice understanding each other [ A person can be alone to visualise its dream but a lonely cannot ] believes that we need to line the moment at its fullest so that we can reach a state of accomplishment ,caste ,need In team, team works together in order to win A child learns to respect and understand their differences and have a ear to acknowledge other team make idea “ work as a team and grow as a team “ Respect we believe that respect an individual what one is and can became we need to respect the work we do , the people whom we are engage with and the environment we are in “ Give respect to get Respect”