Pragati school has one canteen for all [ teachers and students ]. The canteen serves variety of food items such as ice cream, flavoured milk, snacks and various other food items which are standard, hygienic and affordable. These can be accessed only during the recess timings and at the fixed prices on cash payment during the recess.

1) Snacks, fruit juices, flavoured milk and other food items are available at fixed prices on cash payment in the school’s canteen.
2) Hygiene is best taken care in the school’s canteen.
3) Menu that is served in school’s canteen is in accordance to the students taste but the nutritional value is also accorded.
4) The price of the food is reasonable.
5) Canteen counters are set in the recess to save time and avoid rush near the canteen.
6) Teachers are assigned duty in the recess to monitor the students in the recess and ensure that everything is fine.
7) Not only food items but Pragati school’s canteen also provides the stationery materials as per the requirement of the students.
8) Even school’s uniform is also available in the canteen itself. however nutritious and wholesome food from home is recommended.