XSEED provides our school with a complete learning- teaching system that actually works. It ensures that every student learns each concept through the 5- step learning process (Aim, Action, Analyze, Apply, Assess).

Since 5 years we have been following XSEED method of teaching. It is a new method for a child to think independently. It makes learning exciting and meaningful for each child. As formal education sets academic plan XSEED also got its own academic plan. All the concepts are covered at each stage, the depth to which each concept is explored, how the concepts are progressively built in according to the sequential progress of the subject in each grade. We allow the students to think through problems, issues and mistakes.

We encourage students to take decision on their own, enhancing their sense of responsibility for their behavior and learning and also ask questions. They make group and discuss among themselves, do activities and find solution for the assigned task.After the task each group gets a chance to come in front of the class to speak about the work they did. Other groups raise questions if they want to clarify something. We give support whenever they need. Make them show that what they did is important to them.

In the beginning of the XSEED program we found a little bit disturbance in the class while doing activities. Gradually they started discussing and enjoying the topics what they got. Now we feel that the XSEED system totally changed the understanding level of the students.