SCIENCE-The word itself has a lot of meanings!!
It’s a world when once we start exploring it has never got a fag END!!!
We the Science stream havenot left a Stone unturned in making the students explore this Ocean of Science!!!

A Famous Anecdote says that “Practice Makes Man perfect.!!”
We through our
1)Science Labs
2)Science Activities
3)Science Exhibitions

Inculcate the Four basic Pillars of Science which are as follows!!

Some Pics and activities are potrayed!!

Teachers and Students!!Collaborating and inculcating the Scientific Thinking and encouraging students to be Budding scientists!!

Students displaying their Talents through their Lab activitiy!

“World of Micro organisms is a must to explore!!
From Cocci to Bacilli to Vibrio!!and the list never ends!!
The basic to Microscopy!is taught from the grass roots!!”

Telescope and Kaleidoscope!!
Students geared up to Study the World of Stars!

The Law of Gravity.
Force and Pressure being demonstrated!
Young Einsteins in the Making!!

Dazzling white Flame!
Students learning the nature of oxides of metals!!

Students exploring the World ofChemicals!
Acids and Base!

Students displaying their Scientific Skills!!
Starting from a Scratch and ultimately gaining the Knowledge!!