Like any other activities, in teaching also one should be conscious of what is going to be achieved. This is called aim or objective of instruction. If the teacher will be clear about his aims, his task becomes meaningful and his planning for the same becomes effective.

We, the teachers of Pragati English Pre-Primary and Primary School, take care that students may understand English language as an easy language. For that we show our keen interest from the root. The words are explained through gestures, postures and actual movements. In order to introduce alphabets, different familiar words, picture books, picture charts etc. are used. The words already taught in the class are practiced in writing. Similarly figures from 1 to 10 are given to learn. By the end of the year the pupils are expected to write small sentences such as  I am going. He is reading. Sita is a girl. Ram is a boy. such short sentences will increase the confidence of the students as regard speaking in English and will remove the fear out of their mind for English.

English is treated as a skill subject and not as a content subject. The aims are confined to teaching pupils simple, straight forward and correct English. The most effective way of beginning is the oral approach and speech is the ground-work of all linguists’ activities. The vocabulary is to be carefully chosen and school consists of about 2,500 words of different kinds. Since the construction of English sentences depends more upon word-order, upon the use of structural words, these are taught and learned best through drilling in sentence-patterns rather than rules. One item is taught at a time and the next item is taken up when the first one has been finally established. The use of the learners' mother tongue is to be reduced to the minimum and translation is restored to only when absolutely necessary.