"Indianness and Religious Harmony".
India is a tradition ridden country. The blend of tradition and spirituality bring about the synthesis and integration of Indian people. Various festivals such as Ram Navmi, Dussehra, Deepawali, Holi, Rathyatra, Rakshbandhan, Ganesh chaturthi etc will be celebrated to inculcate the feeling of
"Indianness and Religious Harmony".

 National days such as Martyr's Day, Independence Day, Republic Day will also be celebrated to encourage students towards patriotism and to enable in them love, respect and true feelings for our motherland. It makes the students to feel the unity in strength built up the team spirit.

Pragati English Medium School has realized the need of building nation in school. and nation consists of citizens, So in order to make communal harmony, today our nation needs true citizens. For moulding and shaping the destiny of nation Pragati English Medium School is celebrating Mother's Day, Father's Day , National Days and all cultural programs eventually and eventfully month wise etc.

A strong house system enables boys and girls to participate in weekly competition,knowledge of the various other current topics rather than the bookish knowledge ( in form of play and skit ) which helps them to improve their potential hidden power, built their self confidence , training sessions in a variety of summer and winter sporting options., Rally's , Inter- house competitions are held on Saturdays.

Last year onwards we took the charge and we found the lot of improvement and development amongst the students. They are found keen interested. This year our theme is "SAVE WATER"